Local marketing is alive

27April 2020


A new survey by Visual Objects contains some of the most mind-blowing stats in terms of local marketing.
They surveyed 500 small business owners in the U.S. to learn what marketing channels worked and didn’t work for them in 2019, as well as what marketing channels they plan to use in 2020.
Here are the top findings:
  • Nearly three-fourths (70%) of small businesses plan to increase their social media investment in 2020 to reach a wider audience, despite social media’s low conversion rate.
  • Surprisingly, nearly one-third of small businesses (29%) plan to begin using a website for the first time in 2020. All businesses should have a website.
  • One-quarter of small businesses (25%) plan to begin using digital marketing in 2020. Even low-effort digital marketing can help small businesses gain a competitive edge.
  • Small businesses will look for new ways to reach customers. Almost a quarter of small businesses (22%) plan to market with an app to better connect with customers and an 8% plan to start using augmented/virtual reality.
  • Fewer than one-quarter of small businesses (21%) plan to use SEO more in 2020. Only 5% of small businesses say SEO was their most successful tactic in 2019, which may influence their choice to not focus on SEO in the future.
There’s MUCH more in the full article. Highly recommended! [continue reading]

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