Website Compliance

Is your website compliant with ADA?

Message us we can help set up your website ADA compliant within days. Avoid costly law suites and websites makeover that costs thousands.

For a limited time, a Free Website Audit Report can be provided for you so you’ll know if your website is compliant or not. There is no obligation for you to undertake work with us but if you do we can provide a special quote for you.

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Just take a look at these statistics when it comes to ADA compliance: 

  • Lawsuits are mounting and are expected to increase…
  • The Department of Justice has backed ADA website Lawsuits
  • $6,000,000 was the Settlement Cost of a Recent Case
  • $50,000+ is the Average Legal Cost to Small Businesses
  • 181% was the Increase in ADA Title III Lawsuits filed in 2018


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